About ServIT

ServIT is a “Digital Consultant” company, specialized in providing total IT Consultant , Solutions and Outsourcing services to manufacturing company, service company, and small and medium-size entrepreneur. Established in 2002, the company has a growing team of Digital business consultants and system experts delivering world-class services to customers.

The ServIT Digital Consulting services are key components in the established service culture of the firm. We have created an outstanding reputation for our delivery driven approach to assignments and our expertise in local markets we gained after long years of implementing and supporting our products to customers.

Company Mission Our mission is to become a premier outsourcing Digital Consultant & IT Solutions company, providing total solutions to customers, and to make our name synonymous with quality and expertise in the field of IT solution.

Company Vision As a premier system integration company, we do business with customer- oriented vision. The customer’s satisfaction is ServIT’s prime concern at all time, for we recognize that a satisfied customer is the only path towards our success. We, therefore, ensure that the customer is our first beneficiary.

Growth with satisfied customer We aim to accelerate the company’s growth with our satisfied customer. Side by side with the customer, we work, grow and make our way towards success. The success the customer accomplishes is our success.

Perform like a part of the customer’s IT Department Focusing on driving the customer’s success, we work for the customer as though we were part of the customer’s IT organization. We focus less on making profit and more on achieving the objective of the job, but at ServIT, long-term relationship with our customers is what we consider as an invaluable asset.

Business Understanding To assure the customer’s exceptional result, we respond to our customer with extra efforts in gaining an insight of the customer’s business, addressing the customer’s requirements, and providing the right solutions and expertise.

Flexibility With a pledge to deliver the best satisfaction and good service result, the way we do our works is highly flexible. We perform according to the requirement of the job, not the job description stated in the contract. Though, we are small and flexible enough for highly effectiveness in doing services business.

Total Solution In the world of changes, ServIT is determined to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements. We constantly enhance and update our applications and services to provide our customer the total solution that enables the customer to embrace emerging opportunity, eliminate risks and extend their business beyond four walls, without the need to get additional services from other venders. This one-stop shop concept would lead to ultimate efficiency.